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Sean A. Austin Executive Profile

Mr. Austin independent consultancy was formed to leverage his many years of acquired business acumen and technical experience. His firm provides government and commercial clientele solutions to complex technical and operational problems for a broad array of business, engineering and technology needs.  The firm was founded to be a unique multidisciplinary consulting practice offering comprehensive services in the areas of wireless engineering, integrated technologies, and acoustical consulting. Since 2000 his company has been hired as engineering design consultants for numerous projects throughout North America and globally. The firm has conducted work for a vast array of business and technology related endeavors.  He is driven to achieve success, and motivated to find viable solutions which may require nontraditional and creative thinking, keen decision making, and strong leadership.


Mr. Austin is a Native New Yorker who began consulting on technology related matters in 1982 with Cerami & Associates, Inc. (CA), an acoustical consulting firm. He began his career as an understudy and quickly progressed to an associate consultant for Vito Cerami, a pioneer in the field of acoustics.   While working for CA in 1983 he entered City College of the City University of New York (CCNY) where he majored in Electrical and Communications Engineering. He minored in Computer Science. He received his Bachelors of Engineering degree in Electrical Engineering (BEEE) in 1988.


Prior to graduating in1987 he joined former CA partners Fred Shen and Dennis Milsom as a Senior Associate at Shen, Milsom & Wilke, Inc. at their newly formed acoustical and audio-visual consulting firm. While there, he provided technical expertise on architectural, mechanical, and environmental acoustical concerns.   Mr. Austin worked for SM&W thru September, 1989 after which he relocated to Maryland to continue his education.  He worked briefly as a Senior Project Engineer for Met Electrical Testing, Inc. where his duties included delivery of acoustical expertise and performance of acoustical, environmental and electrical tests on commercial and military products.

In 1991, Mr. Austin joined AT&T Wireless Systems, Inc. formerly McCaw Cellular Communications, Inc. D.C. Regulatory Group (AT&T) as an systems engineer.  He designed and performed system optimization for several of AT&T’s regional cellular clusters which included nearly 1,000 sites helping to launch the mobile wireless voice communications and subsequent data industry.  During his tenure at AT&T Mr. Austin won many awards including the prestigious AT&T’s National Customer Service Circle of Excellence Award given to the company's top employees.  

Furthering his consulting career in 1994, Mr. Austin joined the law firm of Blooston, Mordkofsky, Jackson, & Dickens (BMJ&D) as Director of Engineering for Commercial Radio.  As the firm's technical principal he was responsible for providing valuable expertise in a vast array of wireless telecommunication services and Federal Communication Commission concerns to state government and commercial clientele.  He served as Director for 6 years before starting the Sean A. Austin Company in 2000.

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