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Keeping up with the pace of technology.

The pace of technological advancements dictates that we strive for maximum flexibility, capacity and standards compliance. saAustin Technology ensures that all technical infrastructures are aligned with these business objectives, providing a robust stable platform, reducing risk and time to market, and optimizing our client's technology investment through our fully independent recommendations.

Throughout the process, we constantly refine our decision about specific equipment and software, as technology evolves. Achieving reliability of critical IT systems and networks in accordance with the client’s budget and schedule requires informed and objective analysis, evaluation and optimization of the design to achieve desired performance in the most cost-effective manner.

We follow a similar process for the integration of security systems. We offer programs and integrated systems that not only safeguard the physical structure of the space, but also protect electronic assets.

Services Include:

  • Strategy & Advisory Services

  • Program Management

  • Technology Solutions

  • Core Infrastructure Design & Implementation

  • Electronic Security System Design

  • Voice, Data & Multimedia Network Engineering

  • Computer Center, Trading Floor & Mission Critical Facilities

  • Regional, Municipal & Campus Telecommunications Master Planning

  • Network Applications Benchmarking & Simulation Studies

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