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From broad conceptual master planning to detailed specifications, it's our goal to provide clients with clear and practical guidance for each project. At the same time, we enhance the design process and the finished project.


saAustin acoustic consulting practice spans all industry sectors, from studios to research centers. Some key specialties are interior room acoustics, sound isolation, mechanical noise control, vibration analysis, and community noise assessments.


Additionally, our auralization tools allow clients to listen to computer-generated sound simulations and, even in the earliest design phases, experience the difference that our involvement can make.


MRI Vibration Testing:

Testing to determine suitability of structural and environmental parameters for MRI operation. Provide recommendations to ameliorate adverse conditions.


Recording Studios:

Real-world practicality in building isolation and mechanical systems noise control; efficient and economical solutions for noise control according to space and budget constraints for clients ranging from multi-room, multimillion dollar facilities to single rooms for individual use.


Acoustics for AV Spaces:

Design of partition constructions, adjacency issues, interior room finishes and noise and vibration control from mechanical spaces to provide a better-than-average room acoustical environment.


Industrial & Community Noise Control:

Surveys of noise and vibration characteristics to establish decibel mapping or contours around major sources of noise generation. Recommendations for noise control of high noise-generating equipment to comply with community noise codes, also recommendations for compliance with OSHA regulations for employee hearing loss and damage.


Power Plant Noise:

Noise and vibration analysis of boilers, chillers, pumps, diesel and/or turbine generators, including diesel and/or turbine driven chillers and pumps. Vast database of acoustical field performance of most major manufactured equipment.

Base Building & Interior Acoustics:
Recommendations and design for building structural acoustics, isolation from exterior noise, building envelope, review and mitigation of potential sources of mechanical vibration and noise, interior fit-out recommendations for office privacy, audiovisual presentation spaces, building lobbies, atria, and other specialty spaces.
Open Plan Offices:
Optimization of speech privacy capabilities in open plan office layouts by incorporating the correct type of ceiling, workstation screens, carpet, wall acoustical finishes, lighting, air diffusers, and masking sound system to achieve the level of speech privacy required.
Performing Arts Acoustics:
Room shaping and reverberation time modeling focused on providing the optimum environment for performances of music, drama, and opera. Optimization of high-end sound systems. Recommendations for building materials, room finishes and seat coverings. Isolation of performance space from outside noise such as subway tracks and airplane flyovers. Noise and vibration control, HVAC system recommendations.
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